• Image of Pudge - "Bad Land" Cassette

"Twenty mostly very short hardcore ragers intermixed with a refreshing variety of weird riffs inspired by an eclectic mix of non-punk genres. The fast parts are punchy and mosh-worthy, kept fresh with almost jangly or twangy guitar leads. Some of the tracks approach funkiness in the vein of MINUTEMEN or BIG BOYS. This band seems like it is probably on the cutting edge of something. I hope this is where hardcore punk is heading, because it rules." -MRR

1.Skunk's Theme
3.All Good Things
4.Bad Land
5.Sock Puppet
6.Big Gramma Wes' Coast
7.We Drive 55
8.Garbage Fingers
9.Wet Land
11.Sitar Blues
13.From the Boxcar
14.The Moon and Me
15.Slaw Mouth
16.King Bread
19.Reactionary Rock

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